Read Full Dua e Jameela in Arabic and Benefits With Translation


Dua e Jameela

If you are searching for Dua e Jameela in Arabic, then here you can read the full Dua e Jameela with an Urdu translation.

Dua e Jameela is the beautiful collection of Asma ul Husna, i.e., the beautiful names of Allah (Asma ul Husna), which are to be recited preferably after the Salatul Fajar (the Fajar prayer). It is called Dua e Jameela because several names of the Almighty God are put together and recited collectively.

Bukhar Ki Dua in English – Dard Ki Dua

Dua e Jameela in Arabic With Urdu Translation

Dua e Jameela
Dua e Jameela
Dua e Jameela2
Dua-e-Jameela 2
Dua e Jameela3
Dua-e-Jameela 3
Dua e Jameela4

Dua E Jameela Benefits

Dua E Jameela is the most beautiful collection of the names of Allah Ta’ala. Whoever recites this dua daily will get the happiness and honor of the religion and the world; he will get immense reward; and all minor and major sins will be forgiven.

Rabbish Rahli Sadri Dua Benefits in English


  • Whoever makes it a habit to read it once after every prayer, Allah will be very kind to him
  • He will open the doors of His mercy for him
  • His sustenance will increase and prosperity will be created in the house
  • Love and death will remain in the family
  • If there is a legitimate need, it will also be fulfilled
  • In whatever work he puts his hand to, he will be met with success.
  • If he goes on a journey, he will return to his family in peace and order
  • Reciting this dua will bring goodness and peace in all respects
  • If a person makes it a habit to recite the Tahjud prayer after it, his chest will be illuminated by the light of God
  • The ways of acquiring knowledge will be opened on this
  • If someone’s death is not perfect, read this dua seven times daily while sleeping for seven days. God bless you.
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FAQs about Dua Jameela

What is Dua e Jameela?

Dua e Jameela is a collection of some beautiful names of Allah Almighty. This dua is recited after the Fajar prayer.

When should I read Dua e Jameela?

You can read this dua whenever you want, but the best time to read it is after the Fajar prayer.

Where Is Dua Jameela in the Quran?

The dua e Jameela is not mentioned in the Quran or is not to be attributed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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