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It’s also a good idea remove the short promotional clip CapCut inserts at here the end of video at this point. You’ll now have two clips that are split exactly where you placed the white bar. Now select the first clip with the mistakes and press Delete. Now let’s get familiar with the CapCut interface before we start diving into the editing side of things. One really cool feature is that you can come back later and save out different versions of your video in different formats. Tap on New Project, then select your primary video clip and press Add.

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  • You can search on YouTube to look for such videos.
  • I know that CapCut auto saves when you leave a project and with that feature I would like to be able to access my last saved version of the project that I was working on.
  • You’ll find sub-categories of effects within each of these categories, allowing you to fine-tune your effects to get the exact one that’s right for that video.
  • Combining the app’s powerful tools will enable your viewers to get the most out of your TikTok video editing experience.

All you have to do is edit your videos and give them life. Share your videos on all the social platforms with ease. Forget those days when you spent hours just rendering videos. You can now edit your videos peacefully and then share them directly through your app to any social media platform you want. The cut and merge function in CapCut is highly appreciated as its performance is great for users to get used to it quickly.

How To Crop A Video On Capcut

Overall, I would recommend this app if you are looking for a simple editor. The CapCut app is a powerful editor with many tools features for editing videos. The controls are very simple and very easy to access. You can drag and drop clips to the timeline, adjust duration of project, add effects, transitions, stills, audio, clip.

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We will never share or sell your data with third parties. CapCut’s parent company doesn’t release an English version for Windows PC currently. Its Chinese counterpart, JianYing Pro, is not intended for the American or European market. Click on the General Settings, and make sure the access mode is set to “Prompt User mode”. Click the blue button on the top right corner to export the video. Wait for the program to finish the installation, and launch it.

You’ll be able to see the duration of the video change as you apply these speed changes, which is quite useful. And it also makes you loop video and GIF, record screens, turn words into voice-overs with its text-to-speech generator. Moreover, iMovie lets you directly record a video, and it has great green-screen controls.

The Adjust option are a set of options that can change brightness, hue, vignette of the video/image. Texts can be added onto the video, Users can customize texts such as colors, effects, templates, or even used as a caption. Users can also add text-to-speech voice on its text. Jianying, CapCut’s Chinese sibling, has had success among Douyin users.

You can also create a Facebook cover video, which is the newest trend on Facebook. To execute your complete campaign the way you need it, add music and typefaces right from the main Wave panel. Now, thinking about a little older time, video creation was no child’s play, but it is now! You need not be an A-grade graphic designer at all to shoot, edit, and better the quality of any videos you want to create. With apps such as Capcut Video Editor, the user can craft compelling videos without putting in much effort- practically making it an effortless software. Quik (cross-platform) The best video editing app for GoPro users.

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